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Single Station Wireless Control

Part#: RCBP
Retail: $411.50 Price: $308.63
Installation kit for single station radio control of bow or stern thruster

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    With the aid of this radio connection a bow thruster (or a stern thruster) may be controlled using one of the VETUS control panels, without the need to install an interconnecting cable from the thruster to the panel. Installation of the thruster, particularly as a retro-fit, will be much simpler and less time consuming, as running a connection cable between the thruster motor and the control panel is no longer necessary. 

    The installation kit of this radio control device consists of a transmitter and a receiver, complete with connection plugs. It is suitable for 12 and for 24 Volt D.C. installations and has a maximum capacity of 25A. 

    Two different sets are available: model RCBP for single station control and model RCBP2 for dual station control. The distance between the transmitter and receiver should not exceed 15 meters. This type of control cannot be used with the joystick models BPJH5, BPJ5D or BPJSTH5.