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BOW25 Propeller

Part#: SET0086
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Propeller 6 blade, diameter 108mm, for 25 kgf bow thruster

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    BOW25 Zinc Anode
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    Propeller 6 blade, diameter 108mm, for 25 kgf bow thruster. Set includes all mounting hardware for propeller. Zinc sold separately.

    Working in close collaboration with the Maritime Institute Netherlands (MARIN), the world-famous hydrodynamic laboratory, VETUS has optimised the performance of its thrusters. This has been achieved by utilising a unique propeller blade profile, which creates little or no cavitation. 

    As cavitation produces unwanted noise, this new blade design offers a major reduction in the operating sound levels for VETUS bow thrusters. Moreover, the application of this new propeller has reduced the current consumption by up to 10%.